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Thinking Outside of the Box with Ez Sox

Eileen and Ronnie Gesser are the innovative parents behind Ez Sox, the world’s first training socks for kids and a helpful sock-aid for adults.

Who Are We?

Like many young children, our son struggled with getting dressed in the morning. Putting on socks was extremely challenging. One day while patiently watching him get dressed we came up with the idea to sew two little loops on the top of his socks. After sewing on the loops, we put a little animal face on the top so he knew which way was up. He immediately pulled on his socks! It’s an amazing feeling to see that magical “A-ha!” moment when your child gets it. He yelled, “I can do it!”

We were pretty surprised to discover there was nothing like it on the market. It seemed like such a simple idea. We then made up samples and gave them out to our son’s pre-school and karate school. We tested our socks at several physical and occupational children’s therapy centers. They were a huge hit!

While brainstorming for a company name, our son said to us, “Mommy, I don’t want hard socks, I want my easy socks.”  That’s how we created Ez Sox, The “I Can Do It” Sock.

Our Mission

As for the future, our Ez Sox mission is to encourage kids and help anyone struggling with this simple daily necessity.


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