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Being a Mompreneur

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Starting a new business can be an intimidating process for most people. When I created Ez Sox I thought I had this brilliant idea that of course all moms would love. I would open a website and sell millions of my cute kids socks to children around the world. It was a no brainer. Late nights were spent working on a business plan, approximating my start up costs, figuring out timelines for production, coming up with some fun designs, getting a domain name and then I would be off to the races. I was a business owner, my own boss, a mompreneur!  Wow was I naive. Now that I look back, I didn’t have a clue of what I was getting myself into. Not that this is always a bad thing. You know the expression ‘Paralysis by Analysis’. This was obviously not my case. I put my head down and bravely battled forth into the world of trade shows, manufacturing, internet SEO, warehousing and shipping and of course 24/7 work weeks. I made many mistakes along the way. Oh some very big ones. But now that I look back at these mistake, they were invaluable lessons that  gave me confidence and made me a little wiser.  When your going thru a really tough time in your business,  it’s hard to think you’ll ever find your way out.  All the cliches came bouncing thru my mind. It’s always darkest before the dawn! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel! Never give up never surrender! So when you hit that really hard speed bump and there will be many, think back to why you started your business in the first place. Go back to your roots. I love my business. I’m proud of what I created. When I read all the wonderful e-mails and posts from Ez Sox & Ez Undeez fans, I believe that I brought something positive and useful into the world that helps kids. The point is there will always be challenges in your business just like in life. You must persevere. There is always a positive way out of a negative situation. Learn from your mistakes. Be creative. Remember Wrigleys gum company started off selling soap and baking powder. You never know where an great idea will lead you. So for all you future mompreneurs, follow your dreams, believe in yourself and you will be successful. I promise.

Teaching Kids to Dress Themselves

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It’s a usual weekday morning and you’re rushing to get out the door to make it on time for work. Your child is still trying to pull up his socks. You do a quick once over making sure everything is on correctly and then continue with your busy day.  Sound familiar? Most toddlers will try to start dressing themselves by around 2 years old. This builds their confidence and gives them a sense of achievement and independence.  It also helps develop their motor skills, become more aware of what clothes work for each season and helps them focus on finishing a task. Every child has different developmental skills and will learn at their own rate. Teaching your child to dress takes lots of practice and even more patience. So parents, take a deep breath because here is a helpful solution to make this daily necessity a little easier.  I created Ez Sox because my son was struggling each morning with getting dressed. Something clicked when I saw he just did not have the finger strength to hold onto the side of his socks and pull them up straight. It was my ‘AHA’ moment. I sewed two small loops on the top of his socks and he immediately pulled them up. I would never have thought that only a few years later thousands of kids would have fun using Ez Sox while learning to put on their socks. It’s been wonderful getting letters from parents telling me how much their children love wearing Ez Sox. As my business has grown and with the addition of our underwear line, Ez Undeez, my company is developing into the ‘Go To’ place for parents to buy kids socks and underwear that truly make it easier for your child to dress themselves.

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